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Starting and Running Your Business

Whilst starting and running a business can be very rewarding, with the number of administrative items to consider, the process, especially early on, can be both daunting and tiring. At Shelf Companies Australia our aim is to simplify an otherwise complicated process. Below are just some of the items that should be on your Business To-Do-List. Call us on 1800 455 116 today to make your life easier.

Secretarial Services

With our history within the industry Shelf Companies Australia is able to provide you with a service that will cover all your secretarial needs.

From change of Company Name to change of Constitution we have the knowledge to undertake all your secretarial requirements.
Shelfco provides comprehensive services with regard to:

  • Company name changes;
  • Changes of company type (eg.from Private to Public);
  • Converting companies to single director/member;
  • Adopting a new constitution;
  • Appointments and/or resignations of company officers;
  • Share issues, transfers and variations in classes or rights;
  • Share buybacks and conversions
  • Company deregistrations;
  • Company reinstatements;
  • Company searches;

For further information please Contact Us.

Business Name Services

From searching the availability and subsequent Registration of your Business Name to the preparation and lodgement of any necessary changes we will provide you with a fast and efficient service at a competitive price.

Please Contact Us for all your requirements in this area.

Annual Reviews

Due to ASIC's latest Corporate Law Reform, Company annual returns have been abolished. They have been replaced by an Annual Review process based around the Registration date of your Company.

Why not take advantage of our complete Annual Review service. By acting as your agent with ASIC, we can update any Director/Member changes, prepare solvency minutes and electronically lodge with ASIC avoiding late penalties.

For more information please email or call Louise on 1800 455 116.


We are able to undertake all your Company and Business Name searching requirements through our online link to ASIC's national names database.

We are able to provide a fax, email or normal mail service in making your request available to you. Please see our Fees for current pricing.

Please email or call 1800 455 116 with your requirements

Name Availability

Unsure if the name you wish to use is available? Check online with ASIC here.

Alternatively, call 1800 455 116 or Email us a name availability request and we will check the name for you. This is a FREE service that our new and existing clients can take advantage of as often as they require.


Are you still paying Annual Review fees on your unwanted and unused Company ?

We can undertake the Deregistration of these companies after the provision of necessary details.

For further information please Contact Us.

Registered Office Service

By acting as your Registered Office we can attend to the maintenance and secretarial requirements of your Corporate Register to ensure complete compliance with all ASIC legislation.

ABN Applications

If your new company is going to trade you will need an ABN. Let us undertake your ABN application at the same time as we register your Company and you will be ready to start trading immediately.

For further information please Contact Us.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows you to nominate a person to take care of your affairs in the event you become incapacitated or go away for a period of time. If you do not have a Power of Attorney in place your matter has to go before the Guardianship Board before somebody is appointed to look after your affairs.

Shareholder Agreements

A Shareholder Agreement is a written document between the shareholders of a business and covers issues such as funding, voting, accounting and management of the business. It is designed to minimise potential for disputes arising out of running of the business, raising capital or sale of shares of the business. Starting at just $300.00 anyone (relative or not) starting a business in partnership should think seriously about a simple Shareholder Agreement.

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